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Gospel Hill Golf Club Erie PA

A vintage ball from Gospel Hill Golf Club.

Golf and manufacturing have always been a big part of my life since the day I was born. I’ll definitely be exploring both topics in greater detail as we move forward.

I was fortunate to be born into a very successful, motivated, and blue-collar family here in Erie in 1960. My family has been involved in manufacturing here for over 100 years.

But one of my uncles was successful enough to build an 18-hole golf course on his property. And golf became my babysitter during my childhood. Mom would drop me off in the morning, and pick me up at sunset. A hot dog and Pepsi after 9 holes.

Some days, I’d play with a friend. Other days in a junior golf league. Once in a while, I played with a retired fellow named Mr. Swanson. I never knew his first name because back then it was always “Mr.” and “Mrs.” Things like that were better back then.

We never had “lessons.” We got some clubs and a bag and from that point on it was kind of up to us. If you swung hard enough and sliced your shot, it also literally sliced your golf ball.

Of course, some kids were natural athletes in figured out golf pretty quickly. For the rest of us, we had to work hard to become somewhat decent at it.

Golf is a very selfish game: lots of time and money are invested to get somewhat proficient at it. Personally, I was just way too busy with raising 4 kids and running a shop to devote the necessary time to get my game to the next level.

These days, I have a really nice system in place that allows me to play and practice without losing a lot of my spare time on the weekends. I’ll be explaining that soon.

Phil Kerner

Phil Kerner

Phil Kerner is a life-long Erie, Pennsylvania resident. Married to The Queen, father of four sons, grandfather to Gracie Mae.