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it’s probably not a big surprise to hear that I’m a bit of a golf nerd. “Nerd” as in I know the history of professional golf, have an autographed photo of Ben Hogan in my studio and usually make time to watch golf on the weekends. I think that the difference between me and a lot of other folks who play the game is the amount of time and money I’m willing to invest in it.

As a big Ben Hogan fan, I’ve come to grips with the fact that the greatest thrill for me is hitting a well-struck shot that is streaking toward the flag when I look up during my follow-through. Not some spinny shot that starts off going right and goes further right. For me, it’s all about timing and compression. And I can get that on any course regardless of the price or layout. For me, golf is never about beating who I happen to be playing with that day – even though I certainly enjoy doing that – it’s about meeting the standards that I set for myself.

Every Saturday at precisely 12:04 PM, I meet my friend Scott for a death match at a local course called The Ridge. We only play 9 holes. It’s faster and cheaper, and my back is thankful when we’re finished.

But in between Saturdays, I get the biggest kick out of walking the six holes at Millcreek Golf & Learning Center a few times after work during the week. A great stress reliever plus a very inexpensive way to work on my game on the course. You can hit a million balls on the range, but something changes when you stick a tee in the ground and have to hit a “real” golf shot on the first tee. I love it.

A few weeks ago, the pro asked me if I could design a scorecard for them. I was more than happy to do so, and even took the time to build a box to hold the cards and pencils (when the pencils arrive).

Today, I was able to deliver the finished product and the felt-lined box that I made. Played just three holes in the glorious sunshine, as I’m coming off of a recent back injury. Hit a lot of really good shots and can’t wait for the course to dry out soon. But we’re off and running. And The Masters is about a month away. Life is good.

Customers now have a scorecard for the first time in several years, plus a course map. It’s a bit confusing your first time there.


Phil Kerner

Phil Kerner

Phil Kerner is a life-long Erie, Pennsylvania resident. Married to The Queen, father of four sons, grandfather to Gracie Mae.