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About Me

In my home studio, surrounded by history: Family history, Erie history, and manufacturing history. It keeps me busy.

Many years ago – as “blogging” was just beginning to take hold – I stumbled across a website called “The Guy From Boston.” A big guy with a really big personality and definitely “not” politically correct, to say the least. It looks like he’s concentrating his efforts on YouTube these days.

A quick search of domain names revealed that “The Guy From Erie” was available, so I bought it and have kept it for about 18 years. I’ve even had offers to sell it. But then, who would I be?

I did write a lot of articles and post a lot of pictures back then, mostly about Penn State football. But once I started The Tool and Die Guy site, the Guy From Erie kind of disappeared. There just wasn’t enough time in the day to work full-time and fuel (2) blogs with enough content.

I was born right here in Erie, PA in 1960. I grew up on the east side of Erie, actually one block inside of the city limits. I attended St. James School through fifth grade, and following the death of my father in 1969 and my mother’s remarriage, I attended Millcreek public schools.

For the record – because this is my “About” page, I attended Lakewood Elementary School, Westlake Junior High School, Millcreek Intermediate School, McDowell High School, and also the Erie County Vocational Techical School.

I attended one year of college at our local Penn State satellite, Behrend College, studying mechanical engineering. But since I had always worked during high school, I missed having spending money and decided instead to begin my Tool & Die Maker apprenticeship in 1979.

I worked for a year at the former Reddog tool & die plant in Girard, PA before switching to Anson Tools & Gages to complete my apprenticeship. From there, I spent (7) years at the former Tetra Tool Company as a Moldmaker before starting my own tool & die company.

My family has been involved in Erie manufacturing for over 100 years as toolmakers, machinists, and shop owners. I really did document most of my life in manufacturing over at, so no real need to repeat myself here.

Finally, I’m married to The Queen, Heidi Parr Kerner. We have a LOT of adventures together which I’ll be sharing on this platform. In the meantime, you can check here out at

I am also the father of four sons – Matthew, Robert, Nicholas, and Jordan and the grandfather of one adorable granddaughter, Gracie Mae.

I have also rekindled a lifelong hobby, my golf game. I enjoy both practicing and playing and challenging myself to get better. I’ll be sharing my ups and downs here as well.

And….that’s definitely enough about me.